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Five Tiger Island Opens Modified Rip-Off SLC.

Five Tiger Island in Jilin, China recently opened a brand new rip-off SLC from Beijing Shibaolai Amusement Equipment. This one is a little different to the standard SBL ride’s with a shallower drop, tighter loop and reversed barrel rolls. Who knows if they make any difference to the widely slated ride quality? here’s hoping.

Source: jlds110 


Small Penglai Joy Kingdom Update.

Penglai Dream Kingdom (Also known as Euroburg Dream Kingdom) is a small park under construction in China which is set to feature a Mack launched coaster as well as a motorbike coaster and SLC from Chinese manufacturers.  There’s been little news on the project recently but I’ve gathered some pictures from various news items over the last couple of months which show work is coming along nicely. They have even opted for Flamingo Land’s Velocity colours on their new motorbike coaster.

Source: Laochuanzhan


Happy Valley Tianjin Nears Completion.

As we get closer to opening day the latest Happy Valley Park in Tianjin China is beginning to get the final touches. The Chinese group and forum Rollercoaster Dream recently took a trip to the unopened park and posted a whole host of new pictures including rides testing and new themeing. Below is a small selection but check out the source link or click here for loads more excellent pics.

Source: Rollercoaster Dream Forums 

Ocean Kingdom Construction Pictures.

Ocean Kingdom in China is one of the most interesting projects to have come up this past year. Unusually for Chinese parks the parks owners have gone for well known western builders for their main rides (Much like their other park Chimelong Paradise) and have certainly not skipped out on the themeing. Below are some of the latest construction shots showing off the new B&M Wing Coaster and the 2 Mack Water Coasters currently on site.

Source: Chinese Forums

Loca Joy Holiday Park Completes Intamin Multi-Looper.

Loca Joy Holiday Park in China is busy installing one of the three Intamin 10-loopers going in around the world at the moment. (The others will be located in Italy and Brazil). The new layout is an upgraded version of the rides seen at Thorpe Park and Chimelong Paradise and will feature a cable lift and magnetic brakes to boot.

Loca Joy Holiday Park has now completed the track layout of the ride dubbed “Crazy Coaster” and is working on the electrics, station and surroundings. The ride layout looks great but the footers for this ride are really odd. Especially around the cobra roll. Anyone have any ideas why?

For plenty more pictures of this ride and the surrounding park please click the source link below.

Source: Chinese Forums

Happy Valley Tianjin Builds El Loco.

The new Happy Valley in Tianjin, China has finished its El Loco coaster. The ride is place in the enormous indoor section of the park. Other photos below show the finished Gravity Group woodie Fjord Dragon and the now almost fully enclosed mine train coaster.

Source: Sina


Happy Valley Tianjin Construction Update.

The newest Happy Valley park is due to open later this year and it’s looking impressive. Especially the new Gravity Group wooden coaster which looks a hell of a ride. Below are some recent shots of construction.

Source: Chinese Forum

Euroburg Dream Kingdom Builds Motorbike Coaster.

Euroburg Dream Kingdom in Penglai China has built its second new coaster ahead of its planned opening later this year. The ride which joins a previously completed SLC is a Chinese built clone of the Vekoma coaster at Toverland and sports a nice white and blue paint job. There is still no sign of the planned Mack launch coaster though and the appearance of this new ride makes me question if the plans for the Mack coaster were shelved in favour of a cheaper Chinese alternative.

Source: Penglai Forums

Intamin Track Arrives At Romon World.

Track for the new Intamin looper at Romon World in China has arrived sporting a bright red and blue paint scheme. The ride which features a very similar layout to Kanonen at Liesberg in Sweden will feature a lift hill instead of a launch, a top hat and two inversions. The ride will also be heavily themed and sit inside the mall itself.

Source: Chinese Forums

Century Amusement Park Open Inverted Coaster.

China doesn’t really need more rip-off SLC’s but the latest one has opened at Century Amusement Park in Zhengzhou, I must admit the coaster as a pretty nice paint job but it features the same layout we’ve seen scores of times over the last couple of years.

Source: Chinese Forum